Woman Uses Bat, Crowbar, And Gun To Thwart Home Invader — Lessons Learned!


JACKSON COUNTY, FLORIDA — A woman apparently suffered a single gunshot wound to the leg while defending her home from a man demanding money.  It all took place around midnight, where Jackson County deputies are still trying to piece together how the situation went from bad to worse.

As the Jackson County Floridan [sp] reports, authorities acknowledge a 911 call was placed from the woman’s residence around midnight reporting that a man was attempting to break in through a window.  She used a bat to bolster the window and impede his progress.  Grabbing her small caliber handgun, she went outside to see what the man wanted [MISTAKE #1 – Never Open Door].  The suspect demanded money.

When she went to retreat back into the home, he used his arm to prevent the door from closing.  The woman then used a crowbar to beat the man’s arm.  Solid.  But unfortunately, the man fought his way inside and knocked her pistol from her hand.  In the ensuing conflict, she managed to retrieve her pistol and discharge multiple rounds in his direction before he fled.

It is unknown at this time whether he was armed and he managed to shoot the woman in the leg or if her gunshot wound was self-inflicted.  Authorities are on the look-out for the man who may have experienced gunshot wounds.

via Jackson County Floridan

“It is unknown at this time if the suspect was armed or if he was struck by (the) victim when she fired the shots,” authorities stated in a Jackson County Sheriff’s Office press release about the incident. “It is also unknown at this time how the victim sustained her injury. The victim was transported to Jackson Hospital, where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.”

While details about this case are still emerging – the only right answer in a home defense situation is the one where you survive.  That said, here’s a few tips:

1.  Do Not Open The Door.  If you know there’s an attacker outside, go ahead and take him out at the window.  Don’t wait for him to come in and don’t invite him in.  You don’t know if he’s alone or unarmed.

2.  Call The Police And Sit Tight.  If the intruder isn’t inside, you’ve got time.  Arm yourself, call the police, and wait for them to mop up the mess.

3.  Intruder Inside?  Reduce Your Field Of Fire.  If you’re dealing with some maniac trying to bust down your front door, don’t waste time trying to hit him with a melee weapon if you’ve got a pistol handy.  You’re not doing him or you any favors.  Likewise, if he (or they) are already inside, reduce your field of fire by positioning yourself in a room where you have a clear line of sight of the doorway.  Position yourself so you’re not visible from any windows and you’re a distance back from the door if they decide they want in.

If it turns out the woman’s firearm was knocked from her hand resulting in it discharging into her leg, then it’s still good she was able to put it back to use.  Home defense is bare-knuckled survival.  There’s no reason to expect any amount of quarter will be given once the intruder is inside.

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