[CCW IN ACTION] Armed Citizen Stops Mass Shooting In Texas By Giving Gunman A New Lead Implant


A man acted in self defense after an angry night club patron opened fire on a crowd of people, injuring five.

It happened early Sunday morning in El Paso TX at Club Khaos around 1am. A man was escorted out of the club by security for creating a disturbance, but returned shortly after with a handgun. He began shooting at people inside the club, seemingly at random, when he was hit himself by an armed citizen.

He was injured by what appears to be a second shooter who may have been acting in self-defense, El Paso Detective Javier Sambrano said.

In the end, five people were injured but are expected to survive. The gunman was taken into custody and sent to the hospital for treatment of his new lead implant.

The armed citizen is being sought my police to get his (or her) side of the story. At this time, police believe that this person acted in self defense.

The gunman is facing five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In my opinion, he should be charged with five counts of attempted murder.

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