Mass Shooting Stopped: Man Charges Into Late-Night Gaming Parlor and Opens Up… Doesn’t Last Long


ROANOKE, VA — A man was shot and killed in the middle of the night by an armed employee when he waltzed into a gaming parlor and opened fire, The Roanoke Times reports.

The employee had the good sense to be armed at his/her job at 3:30 in the morning, and when the crap hit the metaphorical fan, the employee saved lives.

According to The Roanoke Times:

A man walked into a Roanoke gaming parlor early Tuesday and opened fire before being shot and killed by an employee, police said. Jeffrey Maurice Burnette, 27, of Roanoke was pronounced dead at Suga Ray’s Gaming in the 3600 block of Shenandoah Avenue Northwest, spokeswoman Caitlyn Cline said.Police responded to the business about 3:30 a.m., Cline said.

“Through the course of the investigation, it was found that Burnette entered the business with a firearm and fired several rounds,” Cline said in a news release.

“Burnette was fatally shot by an employee of the business, who was also armed,” Cline said in the release.

Police said they’re still investigating the motive behind the shooting, and declined to say how many shots were fired. There were several people in the business when the shooting happened, Cline said.

She said police are working with the commonwealth attorney’s office on possible charges.

And that, ladies and germs, is why we carry at the workplace.

It’s extremely rare for someone to just walk into a room, building, etc. and just open fire, but it absolutely does happen.

When that happens, law enforcement will get there as soon as they’re alerted and as quickly as they can — but that can be a long, long time when seconds are hours.

It’s simpler and safer to be armed where you work, if you can manage it.

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