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Dad Finds Drifter In House Late At Night; Holds Her At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI — As gun owners, we often think about how to handle a possible home invasion; but how often have you considered simply coming home and finding someone in your house?

According to sheriff’s office reports, deputies received a 911 call about 11:30 p.m. Sunday from a man who said he and his family came home and found a woman in their home in the 6000 block of Indiana Avenue. The man held the woman at gunpoint until deputies arrived and took McCormick into custody.

Pace said McCormick told deputies she was looking for a place to sleep.

Via the Hicksburg Post

Dad and his family came home late at night, and when they entered their home they were surprised to find a woman had broken in and was nesting while they were gone. We don’t know how long the family had been gone, if it was just a few hours or if they had been away for a few days. However, when they returned, the safety of their home had been violated.

Dad did the right thing and drew on the woman, holding her at gunpoint while waiting for police. Dad had no idea if this woman was dangerous, but the mere fact she broke into their home and tried to find a place to sleep proves she was either desperate or crazy, both of which can make someone extremely dangerous.

Some people have reservations about always carrying their gun on them, especially when in familiar places or situations. Hopefully this story serves as an example that you can never be too prepared. If dad did not have his firearm on him when they entered the home, we have no idea how this story ends. Fortunately, he did, and he unquestionably prevented what could have been a violent or lethal encounter from taking place.

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