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Gainesville PD Tells Gun Owners To Stop Being Stupid… And For Good Reason

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA — The spokesman for the Gainesville Police Department went to Facebook with a live video to tell residents to wake up after a string of car burglaries in the city.

In 24 hours, the city saw 8 car burglaries, of which all of the cars were unlocked. That’s because these thieves are looking for a quick score, and will more than likely pass over the cars that are locked.

But the real problem is this; of those 8 car burglaries, 4 of those cars had firearms inside. Unlocked. Now stolen.


Why on earth would a gun owner leave his or her gun inside their unlocked car? It’s just a mind-boggling thought, and it’s not something that any responsible gun owner would do.

If you MUST leave your firearm inside your car, take the extra few seconds to secure it, as well as lock your car. Seriously, it’s so simple. Even simpler is to take your firearm with you when you aren’t in your car.

What a joke these gun owners make us all look like.

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