Woman Being Strangled by Boyfriend Saved by Teen Son and Teen Daughter With Gun


FOREST CITY, NC — A 15-year-old girl shot and killed her mother’s boyfriend in the middle of an assault on her mother by the man, according to WYFF.

The man, Steven Kelley, was reportedly choking his girlfriend, threatening to kill her and everyone in the house — Chandra Nierman, the victim, had two daughters ages 15 and 16, and a 12-year-old son.

What resulted was some incredible teamwork between the son and one of the daughters to not only save their mother, but themselves, too.

According to WYFF:

Rutherford County deputies were called Wednesday night to a home on Lakeview Drive in Forest City about a shooting. They found Steven Kelley dead in the home with two gunshot wounds. Deputies learned that Kelley and his girlfriend, Chandra Nierman, 44, and her three children, a son, 12, and daughters, 15 and 16, had recently moved to the area from Indiana.

Investigators determined that Kelley had attacked Nierman and was choking her, yelling that he was going to cut her throat and kill everyone in the house. Nierman’s son went and got a gun and her 15-year-old daughter took the gun from her brother and fired it twice, hitting Kelley in the chest.

Deputies said one of the rounds fragmented, and grazed Nierman’s sixteen-year-old daughter in the leg. She was taken to Spartanburg Regional Hospital and was released Thursday.

Deputies said Nierman had significant bruises from the attack. Deputies said they learned that Kelley had threatened Nierman repeatedly and that on Aug. 4, he assaulted her and fired a gun several times inside the home to threaten and terrorize her.

Deputies said Kelley, who was a convicted felon, had multiple guns in the house and frequently carried one. Kelley had two active domestic violence protection orders against him from two different women in Indiana and Ohio, although no domestic violence or assaults had been reported to law enforcement agencies locally prior to the fatal shooting, deputies said.

The 12-year-old had the presence of mind to produce the Equalizer. The daughter, a few years older, had the cool under pressure and the bravery to take it and utilize it to save lives.

I mean, you want to say “Yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to be” but really, that’s incredible.

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