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3 Concealed Carry Habits to Stay Out of Jail [VIDEO]

Deciding to carry a gun involves many choices. Everything from the type of gun, caliber, holster, gun belt and where on the body to carry, needs to be considered. Understanding the state laws and receiving additional training is very important and highly encouraged. The list of priorities continues on but nothing takes the place of experience. A concealed carry rookie is easy to spot. When one has all the answers with little experience, it’s clear they are green in a “Concealed Nation.”

This article speaks on the importance of a concealed carry mindset. It’s a certain attitude or understanding of what is right or wrong when defensive scenarios occur. Once again, we have several decisions to make. When we choose the wrong decision, we could face penalties even if our heart was in the right place. Our firearm is to be used to prevent death or great bodily harm. Outside of that, we need to practice avoidance, self restraint and discipline. 

In the video attached, I speak about three concealed carry habits to stay out of jail. The first is to never use your gun as a form of intimidation. It is common to seek revenge when we feel violated. It happens all the time in road rage scenarios. Carriers may flash their gun as if to say, “mess with me and you will get this.” Some may consider that a way to end the problem but law enforcement will most likely consider those actions criminal. Many states have strict brandishing laws that will send the gun carrier to jail if they flash their gun. It’s just a bad idea all around. 

Check out the video and hear my other CCW habits to help you stay out of jail. As many parts of the country view the carrier as the aggressor and the criminal as the victim, we need to fully understand when we can or cannot present our firearm. Let us know what you think.

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