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[VIDEO] Here’s Just One Reason On Why We Should Avoid Conflict At All Costs

What this guy was thinking… who knows.

The man, a corrections officer, was driving down a street in a bad part of town. Someone walking on the street had said something to him as he drove past.

Nothing to see here. Keep driving, right?

That’s the smart move, but this corrections officer decided to stop his car. Roll down the window. Get out of the car. Whaaat?

As a result, he found himself fighting for his life against at least 5 people. He wasn’t in uniform at the time, and that’s probably a good thing.

Give the video below a watch to see what lessons we can take from this.

Especially in a time when you’re absolutely able to get away, get away. Nothing productive can come out of a situation like this. It’s best to keep on moving and brush it off.

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