Teen Forced to Shoot His Own Uncle to Defend His Grandfather


EUBANK, KY — In a serious domestic disturbance early this month in Kentucky, a teenager was made to shoot his own uncle, who was threatening the life of his grandfather, WKYT reports.

The young man very likely saved his grandfather’s life, and even his uncle was able to survive the altercation. The conflict scared the hell out of the neighbors, though.

“911? We need officers at 415 Northern Crossing. There’s been a shooting. Two guys been shot across the road from us,” said a concerned neighbor according to WYMT.

“There’s one laying in the yard and the other one’s in the road. There’s one who is almost in our driveway, sitting on the road. They’ve been at each other I assume. I don’t know.”

Of course, only one person had been shot, according to the report by WKYT:

Officials in Pulaski County say they are investigating a shooting in the Eubank community. It happened around 8 p.m. Wednesday at a home on Northern Crossing, just off U.S. 27. Deputies say it stemmed from a family dispute. They say a 17-year-old shot 35-year-old Dustin Sparkman in the chest while he was in an altercation with the teen’s grandfather. Sparkman is the uncle of the teen.

Sparkman was flown to UK Hospital. We do not know his condition. The grandfather hurt his knee as a result of the altercation. Deputies have still not charged anyone at this time.

Far too often, we see people forced to defend themselves or others against family members, and nearly as often we see people not even yet legally adults having to help save a life.

To this young man’s credit, he did just fine.

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