Armed Bystander Stands By While Drunk Tries To Wield Knife


Would this have been a justified self-defense shooting? Probably. Was it good that the armed citizen didn’t draw his firearm? Probably. Was this a sh*tshow from the beginning? Absolutely.

The majority of the below video involves two people, both of whom are clearly intoxicated. They get into it outside of a bar, and then the older man gets a box cutter out and starts his drunken slashing attempts.

He wasn’t successful, luckily, because of the amount of alcohol running through his body. But was it a deadly threat? Uh, yea. He just couldn’t connect the dots.

The man filming was carrying a firearm at the time, and decided not to intervene. We can’t say whether or not that decision was good, because we don’t know how the man with the box cutter would have reacted to having a gun drawn on him.

In the end it worked out, and by worked out I mean no one was seriously injured.

What are your overall thoughts on this incident?

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