Scottsdale Spree Shooter Shot Dead After Multiple Murders

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — A man believed to be behind multiple murders of victims in the medical field has been shot dead, USA Today reports.

The man killed is suspected of murdering four individuals: a prominent forensic psychiatrist, Steven Pitt, a psychologist, Marshall Levine and two paralegals, Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson.

The series of murders reportedly began last Thursday evening with the murder of Pitt — after fleeing the scene, the suspect, who I will not be naming as part of our commitment to take fame away from these kinds of killers, appeared on law enforcement’s radar again with the murder of two paralegals not 24 hours later, Friday afternoon, which were made all the more tragic when one of the woman, with a gunshot wound to the head, charged out into the street to call for help.

He finished his spree with Marshall Levine in an office building early Saturday morning — that’s when he was found, anyway. It’s probable he was shot late on Friday night, according to reports.

Police, as you can imagine, drove themselves furiously in an attempt to identify and track down the suspected killer, get him off the streets, and bring him to justice.

They mostly succeeded. After a reported day and a half of frantic searching, they found the man. He was hiding out in an Extended Stay America hotel and SWAT teams quickly moved to evacuate adjacent rooms.

Police attempted to contact the man — it must not have gone well, because the suspect was never to be taken alive.

He shot himself to death in his hotel room. Police never had to fire a shot.

It is an outrage that these men and women’s families will never get the chance to see the one who caused them so much pain brought to justice.

Carry your gun at work, people. It saves lives.

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