Why I Carry: Young Woman Dressed As Batman Is Kidnapped In Orlando And Forced To Drive Around To ATM’s


A young woman in Orlando was taken hostage for hours on Christmas day as she was exiting a Walgreens. When she got into her car, a man got in the passenger’s side and told her that he had a weapon.

The woman, who happened to be dressed as batman, says she was forced to drive around to numerous ATM’s and withdraw money using her cards. She also says that they went to several locations for him to buy drugs with the money, and that he did drugs in front of her.

While at one of the ATM’s, the man got out of the car and that’s when the woman said she was able to drive away. Police have released a sketch of the man, seen below. Don’t blame us for the replay button right in the middle. It’s the best that this news station had available on their website, and we couldn’t find the original.

Screenshot 2014-12-29 at 4.07.39 PM

These stories are tough to read because they don’t always turn out well. Luckily for the young woman, she was able to get away. Hopefully in the future, she will take the steps to secure her vehicle and herself, such as keeping her passenger side door locked when not in use, being aware of her surroundings, and maybe even carrying a self-defense tool that can be added to the equation if something like this were to happen again.

And hopefully, police will find this junkie and get him off the streets.

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