Gun Group Turns in Broken Guns for Cash, Funding NRA Kids’ Camp With Gun Buyback

When it comes to firearms, Chicago sucks. That ain’t news.

What might be news, however, is that there are some parts of the system meant to take firearms out of citizens’ hands that can totally be used to our advantage, and they’re kinda awesome.

Take a Chicago gun buy-back, for example.

As Block Club Chicago notes, Anthony Guglielmi, a Chicago Police spokesman, said that gun turn-ins are just efforts between community groups and the Chicago Police to “get guns off the streets.”

Because guns totally are responsible for crime.

Community members can turn in guns to the police in exchange for $100.

Enter John Boch, the executive director of Guns Save Life. He’s a Second Amendment mega-fan, and he’s figured out how to play the system.

He just turns in piece-of-crap guns along with the other members of his organization for a massive profit.

“Yesterday, in a scaled back event with Chicago offering $100 per gun — no questions asked — GSL returned,” he said.

“While a supervisor refused to accept all eleven of the guns my pregnant bride and I offered to the program, other intrepid GSL members met with more success. All told, we came home with quite a haul. I’m still not done opening all of the envelopes.

“As for the guns we ‘surrendered,’ many looked like they dated from the Prohibition era. Or before. Even the ones that didn’t require a hammer to open the action may have looked good but they lacked functionality. Meanwhile, a few others fired now-obsolete cartridges back when they actually did work.”

In other words, they turned in scrap for cash — not a bad way to make some dollars and show up some gun haters. He estimates he’s made about $12,000 from gun buy-backs over the years, with the money going to an amazing cause — helping send kids to an NRA gun camp.

How ’bout them apples, ladies and gentlemen?

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