Sometimes, There Are No Good Options, But You Still Need To Leave Your Gun Somewhere

In a post yesterday, I talked about my gun on the nightstand … a place where I don’t leave a gun at night. But in this case, I was on a trip and gave my reasoning here.

Today, I faced another delimma that I’m not normally faced with: Where should I put my gun while we’re jetskiing?

It’s not like a boat, which would obviously make the question moot. No, this is a jetski and doesn’t quite accommodate a firearm. Since we’re staying at an Airbnb, I definitely wasn’t going to leave it there.

My only other option… at all… was to leave it in the car. I hate doing this so much thst it drives me crazy, but it’s the only was my I could see this happening. We drove to the boat launch and put the jetski in the water and I went to park the Jeep. I placed my firearm and holster on a locked box which is attached to the Jeep itself. It’s secure, but man do I hate leaving it there.

So we left for our few hours ride and I only thought about my firearm a few times. Mostly ‘what if’ scenarios, but I decided to let those go and enjoy the day.

Só what do you think? Did I make the right choice? Would you have left yours in the car as well? Let me know your thoughts.

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