Lawsuit Filed After Police Go To Wrong Home, Shoot And Kill Homeowner


Farmington Police Department officers responding to a domestic violence call on April 5th found themselves at the wrong address, resulting in a tragic incident. Instead of arriving at 5308 Valley View Ave, they mistakenly went to 5305 Valley View Ave.

Upon reaching the incorrect location, the officers knocked on the door and identified themselves as police. However, they did not immediately realize their mistake, and a discussion with dispatch ensued regarding the address. Shockingly, the officers failed to communicate their confusion about the location to investigators.

Officer 2: “Might’ve been 4308.”

Officer 1: “Is it 43- or 5308?”

Officer 2: “Yeah it might’ve been 5308.”

Officer 1: “Is this not 5308? That’s what it said right there right?”

Officer 2: “No, it says 5305 doesn’t it?”

Officer 1: “108 can you 10-9 the address?”

Dispatch: “5308 Valley View Avenue at a confidence factor.”

Officer 1: “So they told me the wrong (bleep) address (laughs)”

Tragedy struck when they fired their weapons. Robert Dotson, the homeowner, lost his life. Subsequently, Kimberly Dotson, his wife, appeared at the door and reportedly fired at the officers. In response, one of the officers discharged their weapon 19 times, fortunately missing her.

Kim Dotson expressed her distress during a news conference, recounting how, after the fatal shooting of her husband, she was ordered to cease life-saving resuscitation efforts and exit the house as if she were the wrongdoer.

Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe termed the incident “tragic” and suggested that the officers may not have re-announced themselves due to being startled by the rapid turn of events.

In response to the incident, the Dotson family has filed a federal lawsuit seeking damages. The lawsuit alleges that Kimberly Dotson and her two children were handcuffed and separated before being taken to the police station. However, the city of Farmington did not respond to inquiries regarding the incident.


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