Man Shot After Trying To Drag His Girlfriend Out Of Home


TOLEDO, OH — When a man decided to drag his girlfriend off into the early morning light against her will, her friend whom she was visiting shot him in the leg and sent him packing.

Unfortunately for the man, the friend had a concealed carry permit and was more than happy to prevent the would-be kidnapping.

As The Blade reports:

A city man was shot during an apparent domestic dispute in North Toledo. Toledo police responded about 5:19 a.m. Saturday to a residence in the 100 block of Gradolph Street, near Lagrange Street.

Dale LaFountaine, Jr. had dropped off his girlfriend to visit her friend at the house, police said. About 45 minutes later, Mr. LaFountaine kicked open the door and tried to drag the girlfriend away against her will, police said. The woman’s friend, Jennifer Farborther, retrieved a handgun and ordered Mr. LaFountaine at gunpoint to leave, according to police. When Mr. LaFountaine began choking Mr. Farborther, she fired one shot, police said.

Mr. LaFountaine later arrived at Mercy Health St. Charles Hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to his calf. Preliminary evidence suggests Ms. Farborther, who has a concealed carry permit, fired in self-defense. Police said she likely will not be charged.

LaFountaine was charged with aggravated burglary, and I have no earthly idea why “attempted kidnapping” didn’t make its way into the picture.

The thug wasn’t shot because the man broke his way in, although he certainly could have been.

He was shot because he attempted to take his (hopefully now ex-)girlfriend away against her will.

That’s a huge escalation over what he was charged with.

He may — and definitely should — do some serious hard time, but what he faces is so much less than what he deserved.

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