My Gun Is On My Nightstand Tonight

While I’m at home, my gun doesn’t stay on or in my nightstand. It’s somewhere else that I can easily and quickly get to it.

Tonight, the fiancée and I are staying at an Airbnb in the middle of a national forest in Florida. I mean… this place is in the middle of nowhere. Regardless of that fact, my gun is on the nightstand tonight. Why the change?

When I’m in a new location that’s not my home, or a place I’ve never stayed and don’t há e that ‘spot’ to put my gun, it goes on the nightstand. It’s easy to get to, it’s just us here, and if I need it I won’t have to think about where I put it. When traveling, lots of things get moved around like bags and whatnot, and this way I know it’s there if a bear breaks down the door.

Or a serial killer.

At home it’s different. I have a plan for the layout of the room and house, and it’s taken some time to develop that plan and practice with it. But on the road in an unfamiliar dwelling, the nightstand it is.

This little 2-3 day vacation will be nice. I just have to figure out how to conceal the gun on the jetski for any possible alligator attacks. Kidding.

What about you? Where does your gun go at night when you’re sleeping in a place that’s not your home?

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