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Woman Doesn’t Survive Purse Snatching Incident; Why We Sometimes Need To Let The Bad Guys Win

In an all-around terrible incident, a woman is blindsided by a man who is looking to take her purse. After falling to the ground, the woman is clearly seen on video not giving in that easily.

She holds on, while her sister watches from a distance after dropping her off so that she could run into the store. Her sister tries to get to her, but it’s too late at that point.

The woman, still holding on as the robber gets back into his car, is dragged along the pavement and under the tires as the robbers try to flee.

Sadly, the woman does not survive.

It’s a tough thing to see the bad guys get away with their criminal acts, but sometimes the best course of action is to give them what they want and be done with it.

A purse is something that usually holds many things that you don’t want someone else to have, such as credit cards and documents, but all of that stuff can be replaced.

If you do put up a fight, but things continue to escalate, it may be time to make the decision to bail on the fight.

The two robbers were captured by police, as they were already being tailed for previous criminal activity. Let’s hope that they feel the full weight of the justice system, so that they aren’t ever allowed to hurt another innocent life.

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