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Dad Shoots Daughter’s Ex As He Tries Breaking Into Their Home

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA — An armed father shot his daughter’s ex-boyfriend when he tried crawling into a window of their home. Who knows that would have happened if this father weren’t armed, but he was, and the threat was taken care of. Local media reports;
The incident occurred at the 1600 block of W. McFadden. The SAPD responded after they got a call about domestic violence. However the police arrived before the ex-boyfriend did. So they left. But the ex-boyfriend, identified as Robert White, 38, of Garden Grove, came back to the home later and that is when the dad shot and wounded him.
White was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. An investigation continues. This is yet another story that shows the law-abiding citizen defending themselves and others against real threats that show up in our crazy world. Remember while at home, that it’s just as important to stay armed as it is if you’re out and about. Just because you’re home does not mean that crime won’t and can’t touch you.
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