Man Fatally Shot While Breaking Into Home Just Days After Being Released From Jail


MIAMI, OKLAHOMA – A man died after being shot by a homeowner after breaking into the man’s house early on January 9th. Court records indicate that the intruder, Roger Nelums, 30, had been released from jail on January 5th on charges of knowingly receiving or concealing stolen property and false declaration of ownership in pawn.

Police received a call of a burglary in progress in the 900 block of B Street Northwest around 12:16 a.m., according to Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson.  The resident also reported that he shot the person who broke in.  He stated that he was in the living room when he heard someone, first banging on the back door and then climbing through a window of a bedroom in the rear of the house.

Arming himself with a shotgun, he fired one shot as the intruder approached him inside the home. Nelums was transported to Miami Integris Hospital where he was pronounced dead at approximately 1 a.m.

Nelums was no stranger to law enforcement, the court system or jail. Ottawa County court records indicated that at least a dozen warrants had been issued for him alleging child abuse, violating a protective order, domestic assault and battery, burglary of an automobile, larceny, drug violations, concealing stolen property and threatening acts of violence.

After picking the wrong house to break into, it appears that the good people of Miami, Oklahoma and their property will be much safer without the likes of Roger Nelms.

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