Alleged Intruder Reportedly Attempted To Stab Victim In Throat To Avoid Being Shot


GRINNELL, IOWA — Two men are in custody after an incident that left one of them with gunshot wounds.

The break-in and shooting occurred December 29th at an apartment in Grinnell, according to KCCI.

The suspects, identified as Cody McCall and Logan Moline, forced their way into an apartment. The two allegedly attacked the victim with McCall attempting to stab the victim in the throat. The victim then shot McCall twice, striking him in the chest.

Both suspects fled from the apartment. McCall told Grinnell Police that he attempted to stab the victim to avoid being shot. Police are calling the shooting of McCall an act of self-defense. McCall and Moline are both charged with the break-in.

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Robert Nixon is a retired law enforcement officer whose career spanned thirty years in various assignments, to include the rank of chief. He is the owner of AO Training Solutions LLC, specializing in open enrollment defensive handgun and trauma first aid training.

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