Weekend Mass Shooting Suspect Released From Custody

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — The adolescent apprehended following a large-scale shooting in St. Louis city center has been freed from detention.

A representative from the court reported that while they considered the charges requested by the police, they asked the detectives to continue their investigation. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department had urged the Juvenile Family Court to retain the young offender in custody, however, the court disagreed and requested further investigative efforts.

Neither law enforcement nor court officials have disclosed the exact charges they are considering.

“While this investigation is still in progress, the release of the young suspect does not rule out the possibility of him facing further charges,” declared Sgt. Charles Wall of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Earlier this week, the chief of police for the city announced that multiple firearms were used in the shooting, which resulted in injuries to 10 teenagers.

On Tuesday, officials declared that they were seeking assistance in locating more suspects linked to the incident.

Members of the public with any information about the incident are urged to reach out to the police.

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