70 Year Old Defends His Roommate And His Home From Invasion


KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON — According to authorities’ reports passed through KIRO-TV, a 70 year old man successfully fought off a home invader who entered his home and was mercilessly attacking his 65 year old roommate.

When police finally arrived, the man said he fired five shots with his 9mm handgun but was unsure if he actually hit the intruder.  As a complete sidenote, this is why we always advise JHPs for home defense.  If you don’t know about other, more effective home defense varieties of ammunition – check out our article here for more information.

But, as it turns out – all that starts well, ends well.  King County sheriff’s department said about 15 minutes into their investigation, there was a 911 call from a man in Fall City who said he had been shot.

Of course, deputies showed up to question the man and it was then they made positive identification that he was the alleged home invader from earlier.


“Initially, we weren’t sure.  We kind of figured they were probably connected, but we weren’t sure. And then when we got there, we talked to the gentleman in Fall City who admitted he’d been over (at the house where the shooting occurred).  He said there was a dispute about some property,” said King County Sheriff’s Office Detective Jason Houck.

And according to the Harborview Medical Center that took in the suspect, he had two gunshot wounds to the shoulder and one to the upper torso.  And as Meatloaf has never said, 3/5 ain’t bad.

According to the news report, it appears the intruder in question may have formerly lived at the residence or some other such nonsense.  It doesn’t matter.  He invaded and assaulted a 65 year old in that person’s home.  He took three rounds of 9mm and he lived to serve a prison sentence.  I’d say that breaks about even.


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