Man Opens Fire on Navy SEALs and Trainees With Pellet Gun

San Diego, CA — One San Diego man should consider himself very, very lucky to have managed to attack a group of Navy SEALs and trainees unscathed with a pellet gun July 23rd, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

The circumstances surrounding the fight are murky — it’s not even certain that the man was aware that the people he was attacking were some of America’s most capable warriors.

What is certain, however, is that the SEALs and trainees calling the police instead of defending themselves was an act of mercy Scott Douglas Weaver better appreciate in the aftermath.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Around 10:30 p.m., Navy SEAL instructors and trainees were conducting a nighttime qualification dive when Scott Douglass Weaver, 47, confronted them near the Halsey Road bridge at Liberty Station, authorities said.

At one point, the man began firing a pellet gun at the divers. A Navy spokesman said that’s when the SEALs called the police. San Diego Police arrested Weaver for assault with a deadly weapon, threats, brandishing a replica firearm and obstruction, a police spokesman said. The Navy said no military personnel were injured.

Police did not say whether Weaver had a motive for targeting the SEALs or if he was even aware of who he was firing upon…

“We don’t want to highlight our training,” said Lt. Trevor Davids, public information officer at Naval Special Warfare Training Center. “(But) we do train in San Diego Bay.”

Davids said the Navy takes the safety of its students and the public into consideration when planning its training.

“We recognize we are training in a densely-populated area,” Davids said, “We have procedures in place to protect our students.”

Davids said the Navy will examine the incident in an “after-action” report, and that it could affect how future training is conducted.

“It’s something we (will) plan for and evaluate for the safety of our students and the public,” he said.

Even if you didn’t know that the people you were confronting were SEALs and trainees, and even if you were just riled up from about five drinks too many, can you imagine having the gumption to try a pellet gun assault against a group of people that even just had the demeanor of military personnel?

I mean, was he insane?

For what it’s worth, KGTV reports that Weaver is a homeless man, and claimed that he was assaulted and was defending himself, and wanted to press charges.

Seems unlikely.

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