Lone Wolf Announces Their First-Ever Complete Handgun, Called The Lightweight Tactical Defense (LTD)

For years, Lone Wolf Distributors has been a leader in aftermarket Glock parts. Everything from drop in conversion barrels to amazing slide kits to trigger components, Lone Wolf produces it. Even their own “Timberwolf” TWC-Compact frames are ergonomically superior to Glock’s bulky grip frames. There is no aftermarket company in the industry that understands Glock handguns better than Lone Wolf Distributors. Wouldn’t it be great if Lone Wolf were to produce their own Glock patterned pistol?

What did Lone Wolf Arms Create?

I’m glad you asked. Today, on February 22, 2021, Lone Wolf Arms introduced their Lightweight Tactical Defense (LTD) 9mm handgun. They took their decades of experience and feature-enhancing Glock parts to create a dynamic complete pistol of their own. The Glock patterned Lone Wolf Arms LTD offers all the Lone Wolf performance enhancing upgrades that shooters add to their Glock pistols in one package. Just to be clear, the entire pistol is Lone Wolf Arms with the exception of the Glock 19 magazine. 

Tell me about the frame

Lets begin with the Timberwolf TWC-C frame. The grip angle is more vertical that offers an improved point of aim compared to the Glock 19. It uses Lone Wolf’s extended slide stop lever, magazine release and take down levers. It has a two slot dust cover picatinny rail compared to the one slot accessory rail that Glock offers. The trigger guard has a generous undercut allowing a higher grip on the pistol along with fairly aggressive stippling around the entire grip. The Timberwolf frame also has a removable extended and flared out magwell. The flared magwell aides with quick mag changes without the “finger pinch” that Glock pistols are known for.

This is NOT a “Glock Copy” slide

The slide on the LTD is truly a work of art. The angle-cut rear serrations are deeper than Glock’s straight cut and the forward slide serrations extend 2.5 inches toward the muzzle. It has a barrel exposed lightening cut that not only looks super cool but it reduces the weight resulting in quicker cycling and reduced perceived recoil. Of course, the stainless steel Lone Wolf barrel is known to be among the best of it’s class. Not only is the entire slide assembly incredibly functional but it’s aesthetically pleasing. Lone Wolf Arms created a beautifully upgraded Glock-patterned pistol. Many shooters spend over a thousand dollars upgrading their Glock handguns and Lone Wolf Arms offers everything shooters desire right out of the case with the LTD pistol.

What else?

The Lone Wolf LTD is over two ounces lighter than a Glock 19. The unloaded weight of the LTD is 21 ⅝ ounces compared to 23 ⅞ ounces of a Glock 19 Gen 4. The LTD has a stainless steel guide rod with a single captured recoil spring. The beavertail extends a bit further than the Glock and the 6.5 lb trigger feels almost identical to Glock’s trigger. The LTD surely stands out as ergonomically superior and definitely succeeds with the slick lines and overall beauty of the pistol.


Weight w/o the magazine: 19 ozs

Length: 7.16”

Barrel Length: 4”

Height including Magwell: 4.77”

Width: 0.99” Slide

1.13” Frame

1.49” Magwell

Sight Radius: 5.9”

Trigger Pull: 6.5 lbs

Stainless Steel Guide Rod

Enlarged magazine Release

Enlarged Slide Stop Release

MSRP: $699

Range Time

The Lone Wolf Arms LTD performed great at the range. I found it to point naturally and shoot extremely accurately right out of the case. With a center hold, I was able to tag a row of 10” targets from 12 yards with ease. I found there to be no “learning curve” needed. At this point, I don’t have thousands of rounds through the pistol but I can confidently say that the rounds I fired were smooth and accurate. Watch the attached video for a better look at me shooting the Lone Wolf Arms LTD. 


What are your thoughts on the Lone Wolf Arms LTD 9mm pistol? Are you interested in this new handgun to the market? Let us at Concealed Nation know and let’s get the conversation started.

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