Gun Battle Between Felons At Convenience Store Leave 5-Year-Old Girl Dead As She Sat In A Car With Her Sister

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — Police have arrested one ‘violent felon’ and are looking for another after a deadly gunfight that broke out between a group of thugs.

The fight was reportedly about $180.

Sheriff Mike Williams says four people, including two “violent felons,” were fighting Monday over $180 in the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Florida, convenience store when gunfire broke out, killing 5-year-old Kearria Attison and injuring her sister, 4-year-old Paris West.

via mysuncoast.com

The girls were caught up in the middle of the shootout as they waited in the car while their mother was inside the store.

Kearria Attison, 5, who died after being shot in the head during a gun battle between two groups of animals.

One thug involved in the fight went up to the girl’s mother and apologized before running off. Just like a coward would do.

The sheriff’s office issued arrest warrants Tuesday for two men – 31-year-old Johnathan Hall and 50-year-old Tom Everett Jr. – in relation to the shooting. Both have prior arrests, and Williams said Everett’s rap sheet is 15 pages long.

Everett was captured by police and faces a host of charges, including second-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Let’s hope that police are able to find all those involved, and hold them accountable for their actions and participation. Dangerous animals need to be put down.

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