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Pharmacist Ruins Armed Robbery By Opening Fire On Suspects

APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA — When two armed robbers entered a small pharmacy in Apple Valley, the pharmacist knew he had only moments to grab his gun to protect himself and the other employees. He was able to wound one of the suspects in a brief exchange of gunfire before the other one fled. The wounded suspect was taken to the hospital by police and will be sent to jail once he is stable.

According to the Victorville Daily Press, employees present during the shootout were in shock by how quickly the situation escalated. The two armed robbers had bandanas over their faces and pointing their guns at employees.

“I thought it was a prank call at first,” the employee said. “I’ve heard about pharmacies being robbed before, but never would have imagined it happening here.”

The pharmacist complied with all requests from police and is not presently looking at facing charges in connection to the shooting of one of the two armed robbers.

The other armed robber managed to escape in his vehicle.

That is how fast a situation can be over and done if a law-abiding gun owner is able to defend himself. The shooting event was probably over in a matter of seconds. If that pharmacist hadn’t been armed and able to defend himself, there is no telling what those two armed robbers would have done.

Making the choice to carry a gun into work is a serious one that comes with its own responsibility. It’s a choice that thousands of Americans make each and every day. Ultimately, it’s a choice to not just be a victim.

When armed robbers have no fear of citizens, they won’t have any compunctions about doing whatever they please when they have the upper hand. This can include seriously injuring and even killing unarmed people who they think are impeding their criminal pursuits. Heck, it may even include that for people who aren’t.

Criminals don’t care. They’ll do what they please because the law only applies to them once they’re caught.

For one of those criminals, he can look forward to a lengthy stay in California Corrections. He can get acquainted with all the other flunkies who pulled steel to make their bread. For the pharmacist and the employees present at the time, they all know they won’t be just passive victims to whatever nefarious force decides to burst in the front door.

Pharmacies are ideal targets for criminals. Not only is there a stockpile of controlled substances but there are also precursor agents that can be used to manufacture other drugs. There’s also a sizable quantity of drugs that can be used as poisons, sedatives, and other agents to bring harm and pain to other people.

When you’re sitting on a stockpile of professionally manufactured drugs, it’s important to keep in mind it’s not just you that will be hurt or killed if they get out to the wrong people.

This guy took his duty to protect himself and his fellow man very seriously. It’s good to see it ended precisely how it should have — with the good guy winning.

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