Alien Gear’s New Dry Tuck Air-Cooled IWB Holster [SHOT Show 2018]

Alien Gear Dry Tuck Air Cooled Holster

What’s the biggest problem with an inside the waistband hybrid-style holster? They can get clammy and sticky, especially when it’s warm outside. Some have tried to mitigate that by using breathable mesh backing materials instead of the usual cow or horse hide. But Alien Gear will soon be offering something that will take a more active approach to keeping you comfy in those hot summer months.

Their not-yet-quite-ready Dry Tuck holster has a small motor and fan unit mounted just aft of the ShapeShift-compatible holster. The silent fan blows air that passes through a perforated neoprene backing, cooling your skin (I felt it myself…it works).

The fan unit is no thicker and won’t stick out any further than a Shape-Shift holster unit. They say they’ll eventually have a version for Cloak Tuck users, too. The Dry Tuck will run for 15 hours on a full charge.

What you see here is just a prototype. They hope to have production models for sale by summer. No word yet as to pricing, but Alien Gear keeps things reasonable in that regard so expect a price that’s relatively affordable for the world’s first USB-rechargeable holster.

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