CCX2 S01E20: Special Guests Greg Anderson and Joao Assis

This is one you won’t want to miss. Tonight we have two special guests with us.

Greg Anderson will be joining us. He’s a former Army Ranger and Law Enforcement Officer that made a video (see below) back in May of how the police (himself included) didn’t have the authority to violate people’s constitutional rights. The video has since gone viral, which is close to reaching 1 million views. He is also the owner of Electric North Jiu-Jitsu based out of Lake Stevens, WA. and has just started his own podcast, Endless Endeavor.

Our second guest is Joao Assis, 7x Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, ADCC World Champion and owner of Electric Jiu-Jitsu based out of Huntington Beach, CA.

And our third guest is a regular on CCX2, none other than Greg Lapin of VATA Training Center and VIDA Jiu-Jitsu based out of Mandeville, LA.

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