Ruger EC9s 9mm pistol

Shooting the Ruger EC9s [SHOT Show 2018 Range Day]


Ruger’s been really busy in the last year coming up with dozens of new options for shooters. One of the their latest that’s sure to catch the eye of concealed carriers — especially those on a budget — is the EC9s 9mm pistol. Think of it as a bargain version of their already reasonably priced LC9s.

Ruger EC9s 9mm concealed carry pistol

The EC9s is identical in every measurement to the LC9s. Both are slim 7+1 carry pistols that are solid choices for concealed EDC use. But at $299, the EC9s has an MSRP about $180 less than the LC9s.

Where did Ruger save the money? Mostly in the slide. The LC9s has dovetailed, drift adjustable sights front and rear. The EC9s sights are machined into the slide. So Ruger puts a blank in a CNC machine and out pops a finished slide, no assembly required. On an up-close-and-personal self defense gun like the EC9s, fixed sights are all 99% of its owners will ever need.

Another area of savings is in the magazine. The EC9s comes with only one compared to two for the LC9s.

How does the EC9s shoot? Exactly like the LC9s…strangely enough. It’s got a decent trigger that lets you put eight rounds well within a minute of bad guy at any reasonable self defense distance.

So if the EC9s appeals to you — and why wouldn’t it? — you’ll probably want to pick up at least one more magazine. But you’ll have yourself a solid, concealable EDC carry or back-up gun and a very attractive price.


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