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Air Force Airman Fatally Shot By Deputy Who Was Responding To Wrong Apartment


OKALOOSA COUNTY, FL (3-minute read) – In a terrible incident caught on bodycam, a deputy in Okaloosa County, Florida, fatally shot Roger Fortson, a 23-year-old senior airman, as he opened his apartment door last week. The video, made public following demands from civil rights attorney Ben Crump, shows Fortson holding a handgun by his side just moments before the deputy discharged his firearm multiple times.

The footage reveals a tense scene outside the apartment door around 4:30 p.m., with only the sound of a dog barking in the background. Approximately 25 seconds after arriving, the deputy knocks and announces, “Sheriff’s office, open the door,” before repeating the command. When Fortson opens the door, gun in hand, the deputy immediately fires, causing Fortson to collapse.

The family of Fortson, disputing the deputy’s account, insists he was not involved in any domestic disturbance and claims the officers were at the wrong door. They highlighted that Fortson was on a call with his girlfriend during the incident and was alone in the apartment. Sheriff Eric Aiden has stated that the ongoing investigation will address these conflicting reports and assess the deputy’s actions.

Firearm Safety Tip: Always ensure that your firearm is not visible when answering the door, and utilize items such as cameras to visibly see who is on the other side of the door.

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