TSA Finds Loaded Handgun In Carry On, Owner Lunges To Grab It, Discharges Round, And Then Runs Off

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Police are searching for a man who say say caused panic inside the Atlanta airport on Saturday afternoon when he had a negligent discharge of a handgun. How it happened is bizarre, and I think even more bizarre that he wasn’t taken into custody.

Robert Spinden, Transportation Security Administration federal security director for Georgia, said at a news conference that a prohibited item was detected by an X-ray at the main security checkpoint. A passenger lunged into a bag to pull out a firearm when a second search was planned, and the weapon accidentally discharged.

The suspect, identified as 42-year-old Kenny Wells, managed to get away –with the gun– and has yet to be found. Wells is wanted on arrest warrants for carrying a concealed weapon at a commercial airport, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, discharge of a firearm, and reckless conduct.

A temporary ground stop was placed, with passengers unsure of what was going on. Reports of an active shooter were circulating, but the all-clear was given a few hours later.

The airport never closed throughout the ordeal. Passengers were re-screened out of extra precaution.

TSA reported that 3 people were injured, but it wasn’t clear how their injuries came about.

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