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WATCH: Man with Knife Chases Children, Armed Neighbor Intervenes

A Franklin resident heroically intervened when a knife-wielding man chased two children. The incident was captured on home surveillance, highlighting the importance of community safety and vigilance.

FRANKLIN, VA (2-minute read) — Home surveillance cameras captured a dramatic incident on Wednesday, showing a man chasing two children while armed with a knife.

Around 6 p.m., Terrel Majette was on his front porch chatting with his brother when he suddenly saw a young boy and girl running toward him. The girl, terrified, shouted that a man was chasing them with a knife. Majette saw the boy run home while the girl sought refuge on his porch.

“Instantly I ran in the house and I grabbed my firearm and came out and as soon as I stepped on my porch my brother was telling me from the car, ‘Hey bro, he’s charging, he’s charging,” Majette told reporters.

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The doorbell camera footage showed Majette calmly confronting the man, instructing him to return to his house and stay off his property. “Going into protection mode, going into father mode, that was the first thing,” Majette said, emphasizing his priority was the children’s safety.

Meanwhile, Majette’s wife, Rachel, quickly brought the girl inside and called 911. “She was so shaken, crying uncontrollably,” Rachel recounted, noting the child was still upset when her grandmother arrived.

Further doorbell video revealed the man aggressively charging at the children next door and stabbing the ground in a disturbing manner.

The Franklin police incident report identified the man as a 29-year-old known to the authorities. He was taken to a nearby hospital following the confrontation.

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Thankfully, the children were unharmed, a fact that Majette found deeply satisfying given the high-stress circumstances. His actions underscore the importance of community vigilance and the lifesaving impact of responsible firearm ownership.

Safety Tip: Always be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. In case of an emergency, having a clear plan and knowing how to contact local authorities can make a significant difference.

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Terrel Majette

Thank you so much for sharing!

Bill Redding

A violent nut-case/drug-addict/homeless (or whatever) on assault with a knife — clearly deserved instant termination in response. Now, he’ll live to succeed (next time) killing someone (or worse!) in the future. Sadly, “justice will prevail” is utter BS nowadays…it’s left up to “us” by default of those appointed/elected/hired or otherwise delegated to do their jobs — like Police Chiefs/Mayors/DAs protecting the public — but refuse to.
— BR

Last edited 3 days ago by Bill Redding

Should have saved taxpayers money and put him down like a rabid dog..

Dare read the Book of MormonD

Some nutcase “known” to cops. This is a common problem where LEGALLY drugged up people are running around instead of being in mental institutions where they belong. Or maybe he recently stopped taking some dangerous meds. All psychotropic drugs should involve a month long adjustment period in a psychiatric facility.

Bill Redding

True…the nut-case homeless/transients you see at intersections (with or without signs) talking to themselves — while often violently gesturing to “the voices” in the air — those you definitely want to stay away from. Ticking time-bombs for sure and they’re everywhere nowadays — places you really didn’t see them before.
But that’s one reason we carry, yes?
— BR

Last edited 3 minutes ago by Bill Redding