NRATV No Longer Producing Content, Website Now Gone


By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG

Earlier today, we noted the announcement that as a result of the Ackerman McQueen breakup, new production of NRATV programming has stopped. On Tuesday, the National Rifle Association ended its relationship with Ackerman, their marketing and PR firm which ran NRATV. In news reports covering the NRATV production work, the reports said that old material would still be available.

Maybe not.

The NRATV website now redirects readers to this message from NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre.

Dear NRA Members,

As many of you may know, we have been evaluating if our investment in NRATV is generating the benefits needed. This consideration included the return on investment and the cost and the direction of the content. Many members expressed concern about the messaging on NRATV becoming too far removed from our core mission: defending the Second Amendment.

So, after careful consideration, I am announcing that starting today, we are undergoing a significant change in our communications strategy. We are no longer airing “live TV” programming. Whether and when we return to “live” programming is a subject of ongoing analysis.

The NRA will continue and improve our service on social media channels and our flagship website, – your trusted resource of information. Our many web sites will continue to showcase new and archived videos, as we reorganize much of this information in a way that better serves our key audiences.

What necessitated the change now is our conclusion that our longtime advertising firm and website vendor failed to deliver upon many contractual obligations it made to our Association.  The NRA will always hold our vendors to high standards and ask that they maximize their value to the Association. No exceptions.

Looking ahead, you can expect great things from your NRA. We will energize our messaging strategy, become more cost efficient, and promote the NRA’s singular focus like never before.  Simply put, our messaging strategy will advance the NRA’s core mission: to serve our members and fight for our Second Amendment.


The NRA-TV’s Facebook page remains up. At least as of now. Not sure about the other social media outlets. At the rate things are happening today, if the NRA-TV’s website is any indication, those will be idled in the coming hours as well.

No doubt the sound you hear over at The Trace isn’t gunfire, but that of champagne corks popping. They Bloomberg-financed anti-gun agitprop generator will be celebrating this day for some time to come.

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