Waco Police are investigating the scene of a shooting at Mr. Magoos Bar in Waco Sunday morning after a man got upset when last call was announced and proceeded to shoot a firearm inside the bar.

Employee Shoots Customer Who Had Opened Fire in Waco Bar


WACO, TEXAS — Old sayings become old sayings because they’re essentially true. One of those tried and true old saws is ‘nothing good happens after midnight.’ And that’s what played out early Sunday Morning at Mr. Magoo’s, a dive bar in Waco, Texas when a patron decided it was too early to go home.

When officers arrived, they learned a customer became upset when the bar announced last call, got into an argument with a bouncer, and pulled out a handgun, Waco police said.

The unarmed bouncer did what you’d expect him to do when a drunk patron clears leather.

According to WPD, the bouncer ran for safety and the suspect fired several rounds in the bar.

Fortunately, one of Mr. Magoo’s employees, working in a joint where drunks getting into fights is more than a possibility, was packing.

Waco PD said another bar employee heard and saw the suspect shooting, thought the bouncer had been shot, and subsequently pulled out his own weapon and shot the suspect multiple times.

The un-named perp is still in the hospital. Everyone who was in Mr. Magoo’s that night got to go home without any more holes than the walked in with. And while we enjoy the occasional tipple at the local pub as much the next guy, there’s another old saying that applies here, too: avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things.

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