Armed Restaurant Employee Surprises Armed Robber, Sends Him To Hospital

I see an “Employee of the Month” plaque on the wall for this employee in the near future. When someone came in to his restaurant and tried to rob the owner for cash, this employee pulled out his own firearm and ended the robbery real quick.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — The man, who police are not identifying, pointed a pistol at the owner of the restaurant in the 5000 block of Buford Highway just before midnight Thursday, Doraville police spokesman Gene Callaway said. The name of the restaurant was not released.

The suspect, who demanded cash, was shot in the chest by a restaurant employee, according to Callaway. The injured man fled the scene and was later found in a wood line off Shallowford Road.

Via AJC.com

There aren’t many details as of right now, but we do know the robber did not succeed in his attempt to score some quick cash. In fact, he left the restaurant with a gaping chest wound. He fled on foot and didn’t make it too far. He was eventually found and taken to the hospital.

Hopefully the owner gives this employee a raise, or at the very least a few extra paid days off. We constantly hear that we should always carry, no matter where we are or what we are doing. This is yet another example that proves you never know when the time comes that your firearm will be necessary. It is always better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

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