Flint Resident Returns Fire On Thugs During Encounter On Street


FLINT, MI — When a pair of men approached an individual and began to speak with them, the thugs likely knew they wanted to start a fight.

They didn’t know, however, that their intended victim was ready to fight back.

As M Live reports:

The victim told police he was walking around 9 p.m. Nov. 11 in the 1500 block of Berrywood Lane, between Hargott Avenue and Crestbrook Lane, when he was approached by two males wearing dark clothing.

Words were exchanged between the trio and one of the suspects pulled a handgun out and fired at the victim before fleeing in an unknown direction.

Flint police Detective Tyrone Booth confirmed Sunday afternoon that the victim “did discharge the firearm he was legally carrying” during the incident.

“We only have one victim at this time,” he said.

The victim was transported to a local hospital and listed in good condition. No additional information was made available by police.

There’s nothing like a vague report from the police, is there?

Regardless, things do actually seem to be looking up for this particular victim, and if you read much material here at Concealed Nation, you probably know why:

The victim fired on a fleeing assailant and wasn’t immediately arrested.

Now, more often than not, shooting at someone who is fleeing is a get-into-jail free card, and often, that’s the correct response from law enforcement: if the bad guy is running, then the threat is actively leaving the area.

However, if one of these thugs started shooting at the man and tried to bolt armed — the guy’s still a threat.

Hopefully, law enforcement will see things that way, too.

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