Intruders Kick Down The Door Of An Apartment Only To Find Occupant Armed And Ready


LEE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI — The Sheriff of Lee County reported that two to three men broke into an apartment at approximately 5:15 p.m. Thankfully, the occupant was armed.

The occupant shot one of the intruders in the chest, wounding him critically. The remaining intruders escaped. Lee County deputies are searching for the suspects based upon a description of their vehicle.

According to WCBI, the injured suspect was taken to a local hospital and listed in extremely critical condition. It is not known whether he will recover or not. The remaining suspects had their car identified by witnesses in the apartment complex and their whereabouts will likely be ascertained based upon information given from the victim and other witnesses.

This is a case where thugs were depending on numbers and the element of surprise to overpower an occupant of an apartment and do harm to him and his property. This is a fantastic example of why your average citizen, no matter his income or station, ought to consider owning at least one firearm and keep it accessible at all times.

We need to make incursions like this a dangerous business for criminals. They shouldn’t be able to depend upon dumb thug tactics to instill fear into any populace.

It’s as simple as being prepared and keeping your gun handy. The additional steps of practicing and being proficient in that firearm only help your chances of repelling intruders and securing your home.

It’s your home, after all. Don’t you deserve it?

Carry everyday and keep that gun accessible while you’re in the home.

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