Store Owner Fires Shot At Attempted Intruder

ROCK HILL, SC — In one of the more odd break-in accounts, a man reportedly fired a shot at a 17-ish-year-old boy who was trying to break into his store.

Here’s the story as it was described in The Herald:

The man said he was asleep when he heard someone trying to get into his store, the report says. The man told officers he saw a teen, about 17 years old, pulling on the front door of the store, the report says.

The store owner told police he fired a shot at the teen, who ran off, but he wasn’t sure if he hit the teen, the report says. The man said he fired the Smith & Wesson .45 Colt through his window, but police said they didn’t find a bullet hole, the report says.

The police report says the business has been “repeatedly targeted over the years.” The name of the store was not listed on the report.

A couple of things here, in this odd story.

First of all, and most of all, where on earth is the bullet hole? You’d think it would be… somewhere. What the heck happened?

Second of all, if we’re talking about an attempted break-in. If the man woke up to a thug, mysterious figure, what have you, trying to get in, and he found him pulling on the doors, what was he doing before then to wake him up?

Pulling on doors — even yanking on doors — is hardly an effective way to break into anywhere, and it’s generally not the thing that happens after you make a lot of noise, unless you’re just having a time of it pulling on those doors.

I’m not saying that this didn’t happen — or even that it’s implausible — it’s just plain odd, and I think most folks can agree with that.

With a little luck, a suspect can be apprehended and the truth discovered.

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