Security Guard Shoots Man Standing On Public Property… Because He Was Annoyed?

Details; sketchy.

Still from the video, we can pretty much make out that the person filming was not posing a deadly threat to the security guard, AND he was on the sidewalk… which is public property.

In any event, the guard apparently made the decision to fire a ‘warning shot’, but that warning shot –at least part of it– hit the man in the leg.

The armed guard has since been arrested, according to comments on the video.

The guard was obviously annoyed in the video, rocking back and forth as he held the gun in his hands. Something happens at the 3:40 mark where the guard steps to the side to observe something, then holsters the gun.

Then just a few seconds, he draws the gun again and fires a few more seconds later.

If the guard wanted the man gone that badly, he should have called the police and state is case. They likely wouldn’t have been able to do anything, however, since he was on public property.

If the person shot were armed, this would complete a case for self-defense if that injured person fought back.

The video is above. Give it a watch.

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