Man Attacked In Downtown St. Louis, Opens Fire On Attackers

ST. LOUIS, MO — When a man was set upon by two attackers downtown, he produced a firearm and engaged his assailants.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the man was attacked in a series of punches and kicks, and after sustaining a beating, he pulled out his firearm.

He forced both thugs to retreat after wounding one, and fortunately for all of us, the two bad guys were apprehended.

Not nearly as fortunately, the victim managed to lose his firearm in the scuffle and the assailants had only just hidden it when they were apprehended.

Were police not there to see the thugs hide the firearm and try to escape, there would be one more gun out on the streets.

There is a lesson to be learned here; well, maybe less a lesson than a piece of advice.

Don’t lose your gun.

It sounds like a joke — it really isn’t. You’re not going to be doing too much threat neutralizing if the gun you’re supposed to be using is knocked away on the ground, or in a flower pot… or in the bad guy’s hand.

I guess it’s not really often said that one of the fundamentals of firearm use is keeping the firearm secure in a confrontation, but that’s as important a part to the shooter’s stance as anything else.

Keep both hands on your firearm when you can, and never give the bad guy a chance to swipe it. If he knocks it away, not only are you disarmed, and your assailant has the chance to arm himself, but now you’ve opened up whatever bystanders are around to a whole new level of danger.

Enough said. Keep your firearms secure, and stay safe out there, folks.

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