PSA: Don’t Shoot At The Spy Balloon

The Chinese spy balloon is making its way across the United States, and some folks are annoyed with the decision not to take it out of the sky.

Twitter user @txiokatu posted a photo, as a joke, of a handgun pointed at the sun, with the sun representing the spy balloon.

But ever since this whole fiaso began, one of my first thoughts was “someone is going to shoot towards this thing.”

And they may have already.

Most realize that this thing is so high up in the air that you wouldn’t hit it anyway, and furthermore, your bullet is going to come back down at some point and could injure someone on the ground.

Am really writing an article about not shooting at a spy balloon?

For the 99.9% of you who know this is a bad idea and it also wouldn’t actually work, you can chuckle a bit at this article.

For the rest of you, please don’t shoot at the balloon, or anything in the sky for that matter.

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