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Ex-Girlfriend Brings Sisters For Royal Rumble, Battle Ensues At Ex’s Home, Multiple Shot

CLEVELAND, OH — A young woman and her two sisters were all shot following an attempted break in at an ex-boyfriend’s house, reports WKYC.

We’re not kidding. There was at least a five-person shootout over an ex (one person was reported missing), and the three belligerents that were shot were sisters. It sounds like something out of a movie.

As WKYC reports:

Officers were called to the 11000 block of Harvey Ave. just before 8 p.m. and found a woman in the front yard with a gunshot wound to her stomach. According to police, the three women (along with another unknown suspect) came to the home armed with weapons and attempted to enter. Shots were then fired by both the suspects as well as two victims inside, resulting in the three suspects being shot.

The three women—Shanika, Tabitha, and Victoria Jackson—were all treated at the scene and later arrested. Authorities say all three are related and that Shanika Jackson is also the ex-girlfriend of one of the victims in the home.

It doesn’t seem as though the two defenders were injured — score one for the good guys. It’s still hard not to scratch one’s head to this series of events. Let’s break it down:

Three sisters, armed, with some unknown fourth person, decide to go “Rambo” on an ex of one of the sisters.

They outnumber the attackers two to one.

Not only did the sisters lose the fight, but three out of the four attackers were shot (at least), and none of the people being attacked were hurt.

First of all, it reads less like an attempted home invasion and more like really tiny-scale combat. Second, it doesn’t sound like these ladies had a plan. Like, at all.

They’ll probably all be critiquing themselves in jail for some time.

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