Washington DC Set To Prosecute Non-Licensed Firearms Carriers


Mayor Vincent C. Gray just signed the new “emergency” law last Friday. Those who are carrying without a permit will have their firearms confiscated.

The act is actually only temporary for now, lasting for 90 days, while the city works on a more permanent law. This is due to the federal court order requiring DC to truly enforce the ban on carrying guns outside of the home. It is being said that this law will be one of the most harsh and restrictive concealed carry laws in the nation.

Don’t have your permit?  You better get one if you want to carry. District Attorney General Irvin Nathan and Police Chief Cathy Lanier are warning people. Those who carry without a license will be facing some very serious consequences.

The statement includes the following:

“In the meantime, except as authorized for law enforcement, carrying a gun in public remains a criminal offense, and anyone found doing so will be subject to arrest. The District’s Office of the Attorney General is prepared to prosecute all cases within its jurisdiction. All firearms will be seized as contraband. Firearms with a valid registration in the District of Columbia will be held as contraband unless and until the person goes through the process of applying for a valid license to carry.”

Coincidence or not, the law was signed on the same day that there were two separate homicides in the city. One of which involved a victim who was shot by a masked man in a barbershop in the area of Anacostia, and the other involved a person who was shot and killed at an area apartment complex.

The city’s new gun licensing proposal will go before Judge Scullin later this month for approval. Prosecutors are pushing the judge to deny the proposal because of how confining it appears to be.

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