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County In NY Looking To Expand Concealed Carry Laws

WYOMING COUNTY, NY — Let’s face it — New York is not the kindest state to gun owners.

However, for one county in New York, things might just be looking a little bit upward.

In Wyoming County, concealed carry permit holders will have the ability to legally carry a firearm inside county-owned buildings, according to WHAM.

Of course, this is riddled with both controversy and exceptions.

For example, carriers cannot carry firearms into county-owned buildings where state and/or federal law forbids it.

That rules out quite a few buildings, and yet, unsurprisingly, there are those who are not at all excited about the Board of Supervisors’ decision.

“With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s not the time to start that,” said one Carrie Girod according to WHAM.

In other words: “I don’t like guns, and I would like blame my distaste for them on current events.”

Seriously. Bucking the basic fact that guns, in the hands of responsible owners, prevent crime, not do… whatever she chooses to believe happens when responsible people carry guns.

Concealed Carrier Todd Daningburg naturally disagrees.

“When you carry a firearm legally, people should be entrusted with the ability to do that – even in places that might be public spaces,” said Daningburg according to WHAM.

“There should be appropriate restrictions on some places, but I value the right to bear arms through the Second Amendment.”

Well said, Todd. There are always, always going to be some people who oppose pro-Second Amendment policies simply because they feel like it.

Don’t let them get you down. Just wait for them to be pleasantly surprised when the world doesn’t collapse when you keep your rights.

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