Man Carjacks Woman Days After Getting Out Of Jail When Prosecutor Decided To Drop Burglary Charges


ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA — A man in Florida, identified as Andrew McClellan, 31, has been rearrested shortly after his release from jail. He’s now accused of carjacking a woman at a Mobil gas station in Apopka, Orange County. Surveillance videos captured McClellan arriving in a previously stolen Toyota, rushing towards the woman’s SUV, and attempting to drive away with the gas pump still attached. A witness, Morning Leveille, reported seeing a brief physical altercation between the two before McClellan sped away, dragging the woman for a short distance. Leveille and a store clerk provided aid to the injured woman.

Later, Daytona Beach police arrested McClellan upon identifying the stolen SUV. He reportedly resisted arrest, even attempting to assault an officer during the detention. Officers subdued McClellan, who later tried using a restraint device around his neck inside a police vehicle. He was taken to the hospital but remained conscious throughout.

Interestingly, McClellan had been jailed until September 29 due to allegations of business burglaries but was released when the charges were dropped. This decision came after the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s office deemed his previous case “unsuitable for prosecution.” The details surrounding this decision remain unclear, as further statements from the Attorney’s office were pending at the time of reporting.

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