Man Arrested After Walking Into Church With Gun And Knives, Following Online Threats That Someone Reported

Rui Jiang, a 35-year-old Virginia resident, was arrested at Park Valley Church, Haymarket, after reportedly posting online threats and images of the church. He entered the church during services, carrying multiple weapons. Police apprehended him after a person from Laurel, Maryland, reported his alarming online posts. He was in possession of a loaded handgun, a folding knife, and another concealed knife. The arrest involved collaboration between three police departments across Maryland and Virginia, ensuring no one was harmed during the incident.

Jiang faces felony charges for threats of bodily harm and a misdemeanor for carrying dangerous weapons to a place of worship. He is held without bond. Investigations commenced after reports of his suspicious social media posts hinting at a possible church attack. The church staff, vigilant of a suspicious individual on the premises, aided the police in apprehending Jiang without any conflict.

Prince William County police emphasized the significant role of the concerned citizen’s report, inter-agency cooperation, and the alertness of the church staff in averting potential danger. The police used a “red-flag” law to obtain a warrant, enabling them to seize any weapons, documents, and electronic items from Jiang’s home, underscoring the preventive actions taken to thwart any intended violence.

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