“Not Surprising”: 4 Dead, 1 Injured In Neighborhood Shooting And Fire

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — 4 people are dead and another injured in a shooting and fire that burned multiple homes early Saturday morning in a portion of the suburbs in Baltimore. Police received calls around 6:30 am and arrived shortly, but much of the damage was already done.

What started the chaos is not yet known, but more than one neighbor told reporters they weren’t shocked at what happened.

Another longtime neighborhood resident, Kweku Quansah, told the Baltimore Sun what took place Saturday morning was “not surprising.”

Quansah told the newspaper he heard an explosion, went outside to check and found shots were being fired toward him. He told the newspaper that the suspect had often confronted neighbors, who had reported him to police.

“We don’t know why he was doing that but this has been going on over and over again. A lot of people tried to complain about it but nothing was done,” Quansah said.

via newsbreak.com

Another neighbor said that the suspect had been paranoid for a long time.

When police arrived, they found the suspect in the road with a gun. He was then shot by police and did not survive.

The fire had destroyed two homes. It is unclear how many of the victims died in the fire, if any.

Knowing your neighbors is important, and realizing warning signs is also important. According to neighbors, police have been called multiple times with problems specific to the suspect. The result, according to them, was no progress was ever made.

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