2 Dead In Gas Station Shooting, Including Reported Serial Carjacker


MARENGO, OHIO — Two people were killed at a Shell gas station on Sunday night in Marengo, Ohio.

The Morrow County Sheriff’s Office has identified the victims as Meagan Kennedy Stanford of Greenville, S.C., and Keith Moser, according to WBNS.

Moser allegedly attempted to steal a car on a highway off-ramp, resulting in shots fired. He then tried to steal a minivan at a gas pump at the gas station, resulting in the shooting of Stanford.

Moser fired at a U-Haul van, but the driver was able to return fire, and a fight ensued involving multiple people. Moser died at the scene from apparent gunshot wounds. The shooting remains under investigation.

Earlier that day, the Columbus Division of Police said Moser stole two vehicles. He fired shots into an unoccupied Chevrolet, drove off in it, and abandoned it on Starret Road.

Moser also reportedly stole a BMW X3 from a nearby residence and attempted to rob a food delivery driver.

In short, this guy appears to have been completely nuts.

The BMW was recovered, and no one was injured during the Columbus incidents. The shooting at the gas station is a tragic event, and the investigation is ongoing.

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