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Clerk Shows Gun, Armed Thug Runs Fast: Why Being Armed Makes A Difference

VICTORVILLE, CA — Most crime experts will tell you that criminals are not, generally, the smartest part of any given society. It makes sense — who wants to risk their freedom to make a buck?

Well, this would-be robber from California decided to reinforce the dumb criminal stereotype.

According to ABC 7, one thug entered a store and asked to buy a single cigarette.

That’s right. Just one. No need to over-indulge. He’s trying to cut back, really. Just need that extra one to help get me though the day, sir.

When the store clerk said what everyone else on the planet knows — that he couldn’t sell a single cigarette, the thug pulled out and brandished a handgun.

Now, before we go on, let’s pause and think about this for a second.

One of three things happened.

  1. This guy thought he was being really clever in asking for a cigarette as a way to communicate to the worker that he was an honest customer. “Don’t mind me, just going to ask for the oddest quantity of cigarettes imaginable.”
  2. This guy went in armed — maybe going to rob the place. But the inability of the clerk to sell a single cigarette made him so mad that there was no choice to pull a gun!
  3.  Asking for a single cigarette was a trend the thug was trying to set in a series of successful robberies he was going to pull — “The Lone Cigarette Bandit.” It sounds ludicrous, but it’s only slightly dumber than the first two.

His demeanor quickly changed when the clerk also pulled a firearm. He ran like hell, pausing only to put a shot in the store’s front window… ’cause reasons.

No one was injured by this idiot, thankfully.

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